Tricks of the trade

The largest trick in the online game is to make you think that you can build a $300,000 business on your own, with little help and few resources to start you off. You’d be dead wrong. In fact, I have a staff member already; she’s an amazing editor. We’ve only just begun our journey. I forsee great things for us.

Writing is about ten percent of the battle. I could be an absolutely phenomenal writer with mindbuzzingly awesome and inspiring content, but if I didn’t know how to get myself out there and have people to read me, I’d give up. It’s sad, and it’s true. About 80% of my time in this blogging game is spent getting myself out there; posting on Facebook groups, pinning my work on Pinterest, retweeting my content, tumbling my articles and, jesus, well, a whole lot of time consuming stuff.

If you think you’re going to generate a whacking income like that with little help and no spending, you may as well go back to working for the big boss, because that’s never going to happen. That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t start off with little money; you could invest it all back in the business. But that’s a blog for another day.

Along the way for me, I came across some really striking tools that streamlined my marketing process so that I had enough time on my hands to do some of the things that I loved in life. Blogging can be a very time consuming task if you do it professionally. Here’s a few excellent tools:

Massplanner 2

mass planner

Probably the best marketing tool I’ve tried to date. It literally covers every social media channel you can think of, and automates everything. I will say that it isn’t noob friendly. I wouldn’t say this was a great tool for someone starting out in their very first venture into marketing because misuse of this tool can get you banned from every social site. I’d recommend learning about the limits of certain areas, where to post and what’s not acceptable netiquette in some places.

If you’ve been marketing for a long time and are looking for a tool to streamline the process into one neat, affordable payment with very little stress, then I suggest this is an awesome one for you. Just get familiar with the tutorials first. I’ve been using the net for over 20 years now and there was a certain learning curve there for me too.

Social Oomph


Another not-so newbie friendly marketing tool. Easier learning curve though, and highly recommended for twitter accounts. There’s no intelligent automation with this one. Just straight forward doing what you’ve told it to do. If you shout jump, socialoomph would ask how high? The best feature with this product was the rss feeds and the queue resorvoirs. Basically I could submit an rss feed to a queue resorvoir, and it would queue that specific feed to go out in your social channels at certain points of the day. I had all of my favourite bloggers queued up so I could share them constantly.



I think most of you will have heard of this one. Hootsuite for me was a very useful tool in the beginning. I remember being amazed that I could schedule posts to go out at different times of the day on completely different channels. Amazed I was, completely in awe. Yet as I moved on in my marketing exploits I knew I needed something more robust to handle the sheer demand of the channels I have. Great for beginners and people that don’t have many channels though – this served me well for many years. It also has a great little content automation system where you can share other popular influencers posts. Sharing is caring!

Instamate 2017


Okay. So I’m like a broken record with this – but you will not BELIEVE how this product has piledrived my Instagram from barely 30 followers to nearly 1k in a fairly short time. The best thing with this is that there’s no need for the use of a phone, something that perplexed me for a long time. I wanted to design jaw-dropping photos and quotes for my relationship blog but the phone system ground me to a halt. Not now. I can design everything to canva and just post away. Or better yet, schedule it and not worry. No phone needed!

Clicky analytics

clicky analytics

I’ve never trusted wordpress stats. Not that I’m saying the stats are rubbish, only that the information that I was given wasn’t enough. I couldn’t see exactly where my visitors were coming and exactly where they were going. With this analytics package I get an extreme breakdown of everything. If I wanted to I could spy on visitors on my site, to track their behaviour. It gives you heat maps and a whole range of other nice little usage options. This is by far the best, and affordable analytics package I’ve came across. Google analytics was far too complicated for me, and anything else was sorely out of my price range.

WordPress Jetpack

wordpress jetpack

Long but famed to seriously dick with the loading speeds of your site – I’ve seen some with grinds of up to twenty seconds or more; Jetpack have now released an awesomely slim version of the previously heavy-to-load package with a few kick-ass features. If I’m honest I love the fact that I can have an integrated audience, a comments section and links. I pay for mine, just so you know. I liked it so much that I went out and spent those hard earned tax dollars on my very own professional package. It comes complete with own ads section and affiliate sign up now. Yup, there are ways to earn the mullah from them! It’s definitely not to be discounted.



Pretty much what I still use for Pinterest right now. It’s quite expensive at $39 per month but it really saves me having to worry about repinning to my boards every two hours or so. It schedules everything for me on complete auto-pilot and I don’t need to lift a finger whatsoever. I previously used Tailwind for that, but I’ve found autopin far more effective. It just completes far more tasks at a fraction of the cost.

Yoast SEO

yoast seo


Here’s a crazy thought – some people don’t rely on Google. Some people enjoy the benefits of what social media traffic can bring to them. But if you’re ever in the frame of mind to learn what makes a good SEO optimised post for google – yoast will help you! Promise. It has a traffic light system for the most seophobe of us, and tries to teach us the difference between a properly written article and a really bad one. A really good tool for beginners. I still use it, even although I have a good idea what makes a good post and a bad one now.

My advice to you

When I started out blogging I was whisked away by the beautiful images of a cleanly designed Web 2.0 website. I was a bugger for signing up to websites that looked the part but delivered absolutely nothing in the long term. And I’ve made some of the largest mistakes in my life because of this. Just, be aware of it, if you’re a sucker for graphics like I am.

Some of the most poorly designed websites that explain very little and look like a backdraft from something in the early 2000’s have actually worked out really, really well for me. And some of the superior graphics professional-like websites have turned out to be a total scam for me. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my blogging journey. Where to put my time, money and effort, and where not to.

Just be aware.

Check google for reviews, and ask around on social media. Nothing like giving professionals a check every now and again to keep them on their toes. I LOVE constructive criticism. It helps me work better. These sites should too.

And on that note, hope this was useful!

12 Replies to “Awesome blogging tools that you probably didn’t know about

    1. It really does, doesn’t it? – I’ve been scammed, short changed, blindly led, and a plethora of other things through the process. But I came out of it in the end!

  1. Hi Ray,
    Unfortunately, Google Analytics is complicated, but I don’t have a budget for anything else. For that reason, I try to use free tools and recommend them to my readers.

    1. Good point – GA is far too complicated for me. WordPress stats are good though. I just wanted a fairly tight knit system for myself 🙂

    1. Are you asking me now? Or back when I was using it? When I was using Social Oomph I was struggling a bit with twitter and how it works. If I’m perfectly honest it’s all only clicked in the last 6 months – and for what Massplanner does for me, at a fraction of the cost of Social Oomph – I’d say no 😛

      But social oomph does have it’s good points, as I said. When it clicked I started to see a nice uptake in twitter followers and clickthroughs – just nowhere like now 🙂

      1. It’s great you have a budget for these tools. I had not heard of mass planner. I saw your message come in this morning. Thank you for following up with me. I have not had time to go and try again to leave the comment. I only recently woke up LOL

        1. No problem. I’m eager to collaborate with you. You website has by far grown into one of my favourite reads.

          As for the budget – perhaps in the past I’ve been a bit too eager to spend when I should have been saving, really. But I’ve wisened up a lot since then lol!

          1. I would like very much to collaborate with you too. Thank you for the compliment on my blog. Do you have any thoughts on how we can collaborate? If yes, please let me know; I would be for it.

  2. Thank you Raymond, some very timely tips for me as I am trying to clear this fog which is grey matter and the way forward for me and focus . Some good advice and clearly written 🙂

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