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Before I was shown by a good friend of mine how to drive traffic to my blog I was stuck out there in no-mans land. I was lucky if I was getting five or ten visits every day. Perhaps twenty on a really good run. Lucky, like everything, meeting other people and learning from them was the best thing that I could have done, ever. I thought I had to go solo at first. But actually, networking not only helps you grow as a person, it’s also thoroughly rewarding finding new friends and alliances. Having BIG friends was great for learning about how to drive traffic to my blog

It’s no secret that most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I get a good portion of hits from there because a lot of users on Pinterest are my audience, or target audience. I blog about relationships and love. And they’re just bursting at the seams to hear about that in there. Also, it helps me hugely that I’m in 28 topic specific group boards that are full to the brim with people wanting to know more on life, love and relationships in general.

Drive traffic to my blog NOW – Pinterest

I’d say Pinterest was a great starter for growing traffic to my blog, and it has some of the best long term benefits. For example. If you’re using a combintation of boardbooster and autopin like I do, then you can automate the whole pinning process. I’ve found that Pinterest isn’t a very social platform, it’s more of an informational gateway. A bit like google, but A LOT better. Mainly because the posts aren’t bum fighting for top spot on Google. Pinterest has it’s own amazing search engine. Go on, I dare you to use it and see how wow’ed you are by the information that’s presented to you.

How did I start getting traffic from Pinterest? Well, you’re in luck. I have a complete guide on Skillshare that’s guaranteed to start seeing results in days. I don’t skimp with my information anymore. I try and make it available to everyone! Content is key, right? You’ll also learn with me as I reach new depths on how to drive traffic to my blog. You’ll be right there with me.

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Facebook is declining as a source when trying to drive traffic to my blog, and a sore point for me. I remember a time when everything that was shared you could see. It was super easy to grow exponentially once upon a time. But now you have to beat algorithms and play mind games with your posting times to your fans. They also start asking you to start paying to advertise your posts to your fans else they’ll never ever see your content. Facebook has essentially throttled good organic growth in favour of their grubby business model. It explains it better in this video:

That being said – Facebook is one of the only social media platforms that your fans can connect together and share awesome stories of success. There’s a lot of bad to facebook, yes, but there’s also a lot of good to it too. I’ve had people personal message me over there to thank me so kindly for the work that I do, or ask me further questions about the post I’ve just written.

Facebook was the first place I ventured into a network of lovely bloggers that were eager to help me on my journey. You can still connect with people, join lovely groups and forge awesome friendships with other people on the same journey as you.

First thing you’re going to want to do on Facebook is create a page for your blog. So others can find you! A lot of my blog friends are social media managers, and I’ve learned a great deal through just watching what they do and how they engage with their fans.

They share regularly; new posts from their own website and sometimes posts that haven’t been looked at in a few months. They also share other people’s links and websites relevant to their industry.

One great thing about bloggers that have branded themselves on Facebook is that they talk to their audience regularly and encourage them to connect with each other. They share personal stories; stories of success, and stories of failure, or just tid bits into their general lives. Join a few really successful Facebook fan pages and watch those that do it really well. The more engagement you have on a page the more willing fans will be to connect and share with your links. It has been a great resource for exploring new ways to drive traffic to my blog.


Think of twitter as the place where brands hook up and talk to one another. It’s a bit difficult for me because I’m in a part of the UK where hardly anyone I know uses twitter. With all good intentions they start it up thinking they’ll be using it like it’s the new Facebook but become sadly disheartened when they find out all their friends joined years ago and lasted about 20 seconds before leaving their account to ruin.

On the other hand twitter has been a great place to create brand awareness. Connecting with local businesses has been great for me. So many businesses far and wide are on twitter, and they all want to know about you. The best thing about twitter (and probably the worst) is that there is absolutely no throttling of statuses, sensoring of data or social studies (yes, Facebook once conducted a social study that we know of), so you get to see everything out there that’s thrown at you. If you have a big following, and equally follow a large amount of people you’re likely to see 125 post per minute. So watch out – it can get sketchy. That’s why I mostly hang in my notifications area.

Traffic is simple from twitter. Like facebook, share relevant content; yours and other brands, speak to people via mentions and just be sociable. It’s all about you on Twitter. Reach out to influencers, swap links, ask them questions, be the awesome person you have always been. I’m one for trying to hit up popular celebs in a vain attempt at getting a mention, hasn’t happened yet. Although Chunk from the Goonies has followed me!

Some great twitter tools:

Convey – Convey is a side project of Linkis and it’s the only tool I use for twitter. But it’s helped me grow nearly 1000 followers in a month.


Instagram isn’t the most user friendly tool when I first explored how to drive traffic to my blog, but, for me, it’s like the bees knees of engagement. When I get visitors it’s awesome. Most, if not all people that visit me from Instagram are superbly engaged, and stay on my site for AGES. I’m working on growing my instagram right now because I’ve been neglecting this platform for far too long. There are a few rules that you need to be made aware of though. Which I guess is annoying to say the least.

You can’t have links in the desciptions of your posts. Why? I’m unsure! I’m not even sure if you were allowed to at one point or not. Nevertheless there is only one place that you are allowed links in and that is your description on your front page. I work around this by every post I want to link back to my blog, I just say in the side of the picture: Link is in the description

And it works.

I love Instagram because I love pictures, and I love quotes. You’ll find me liking a lot of pictures and trying to engage heavily with my fans there.

Some great Instagram tools:

Instamate – There are a whackload of instagram tools out there but this is the only one I use and swear by. You can create lovely instagram pictures on your PC and schedule them to go out at any time you want without the need for a phone, only an instagram account. You can also search trends, repost popular pictures, message, schedule – it’s basically an all in one Instagram tool. I love it! I am really starting to drive traffic to my blog and gaining a serious amount of Instagram followers


I am becoming a big fan of linkedin the more and more their website improves. As a blogger in the human connection niche I’ve avoided Linkedin like it had the plague. I once was a professional user of linkedin because my last job required that I had an up to date profile to network with other businesses in my community. As soon as I left my previous job I just dropped it like a hot rock. I ventured into it a few weeks ago and over the last two years it has grown exponentially in userbase and in use to me. You can do so much on Linkedin now – even learn. It’s where I finally learned SEO from.

Linkedin has a ton of groups, communities and likeminded individuals waiting to hear from you. I have joined several bloggers groups, not to gain views, but to learn from other people that do the same as me. It’s also taken me down several different routes and gave me the confidence to get on with this project here. Growing a large connection base is a must – because it’s just like any other social media outlet. Your fans join and follow you to view your content. And Linkedin hits are super engaged. Facebook and twitter don’t have a patch on website engagement like what Linkedin does. Although I’ve yet to see how a fanbase of over 100+ manages with my work. I’m a bit of a newbie to this place. But it has massive potential for everyone.

Remember – what you’re posting on here needs to be of use to someone. Think,

“How to do…”

“11 hacks to beat..”

Talking about your day and introspection doesn’t generally work on Linkedin, you’re networking with professionals, it needs to be succinct and worth it professionally.


If you haven’t an account on flipboard then I suggest you get one. The first day I joined flipboard they featured one of my articles and I hit 36k views by midnight. This is by far the best luck I’ve had when trying to drive traffic to my blog. There’s not much to say about flipboard. Create a magazine, put your posts in it, share other peoples posts on it, and read other peoples work. That’s about it really. Share the love, both your own and other peoples.


I don’t have much success on Stumbleupon. I think I promoted my own blog too much. I only get hits from there if someone goes out their way to stumble a post of mine, and it’s only one or two visitors. I’ve stopped trying to drive traffic to my blog through this platform.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Stumble lots, don’t add your own posts, add lots of posts that you DO like that’s not yours. That way if you are stumbled then there is less chance of them throttling traffic to your website.


Reddit has serious potential. I know people that get millions of visits from there each month. Unfortunately I can’t get my head around it. I just participate there as a user and don’t promote my work. I’d end up being banned or having my website removed.

A pro tip with reddit is particpate heavily in the community and only share links when they are relevant – and don’t only share your own links. They HATE that down there.

Current experiments

I’m currently experimenting with Quora, Feedly and So I’ll get back to you on that. I do hear though that all three have the potential to bring lasting traffic to your site. I’m excited, but before I divulge into my techniques I’ll have to play around with them a bit more first.

Hope this was useful! Thanks for reading!!

How I drive traffic to my blog - the ultimate guide

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  1. Stumble Upon is so wishy washy. Great tips on the other platforms, I’ve been hearing stories of Google Plus picking up steam lately also.

    1. Ah! good point – I forgot about G+ – Google plus communities are really good for traffic actually 🙂 – Thanks 🙂

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