The first time is always scary

I remember always being scared of helpful marketing forums. For me this was where the guys that trick you into buying their products hang out. It was a scary concept for me, having my presence on the web being social engineered into buying products that I probably wouldn’t normally give a second glance if I were to walk by them in a shop. The guys that hang on here are the elite marketers, the best of the best, the people that actually make a six figure salary yearly. You’ll find them on these forums all the time. Announcing their new products, and on ocassion adding their two cents to conversations.

It dawned on me early last year that I could leverage these forums to my advantage. And it wasn’t until I released my first Udemy course that I saw first hand how deep their connections go, and how well marketed and connected they actually were. I finally realised that they REALLY were helpful marketing forums for what I wanted to achieve

I released my course free to all of the marketing communities. I wanted reviews and feedback initially, and didn’t mind getting a few free signups to make it look like people were buying it and enjoying it.

Here’s what happened when I released it back in November:

Within a month I had 2000 enrollments and at least 10 cracking reviews. Apparently my course was a well sought after informational hub for those that wanted to venture down that avenue of marketing.

The extremely helpful marketing forums that I posted my course onto acted as a hub for a wider community as such. When I eventually checked my course stats, I was having hundreds upon hundreds of signups from some weird and wonderful places. Places I had never heard of before. You see – marketers had taken my link from these forums and used it for their sites. It’s good promotion for me, and also them. Listing a free course makes their Udemy website all the more viable and valuable.

Here are the three marketing forums that I use religiously.

Warrior Forum

This is one of my favourite places to hang, and one of the great helpful marketing forums. I paid for a subscription with this which costs about $90 per year but that’s a good price for the bonuses you get. Being a paid member allows you access to the War Room. In the war room people post their free offers in exchange for reviews before their products go live in the Special Offers section. I’ve managed to pick up a good few bits of information from a few well established Internet Marketers that way. Highly valuable stuff when no-one is actually going out of their way to share that information freely anymore.

Just a cautionary note – use your common sense if you go all out, pay the $90 and start downloading and opting in to all the freebies. Most of these tactics work, and are solid advice for generating whatever they tell you so. But what needs to be understood is that most of these need your own tailored spin added to them. So develop what you’ve learned, add your own special technique to it. Don’t just copy what they did exactly because that’s only what worked for them – and there is no tried and tested way of making money for everyone. It all needs that unique spin.

Having a paid account also allow you a blog on this website too. Just look at those free visits! This is a dream come true for people that have information products to sell of any sort, or any marketing related tips and advice or introspection. Imagine having a blog that every post is actively pushed to over 100,000 people. Sounds good right? Keep it on topic though! Don’t be promoting aquariums on it or anything wildly off topic; users will just get angry. Great topics to talk about are success, marketing, introspection, questions and answers, the mindset of success, success stories; you get the idea. As I said, one of the great helpful marketing forums

BestBlackhat Forum

Just so you know, the term ‘black hat’ is a type of social engineering and marketing that’s underhanded. It’s typically where you would find advice on how to pretend you’re a pretty 22 year old girl on twitter starting out as a cam lady and looking for a few people (men) to give them a try out. Techniques like that. And actually I’ve watched as people grow exponentially through methods like that, but it’s not for me. You can find out how to be super devious on this forum, or you could be like me and use it for the methods and tips within my ethical boundaries. It may not sound like one of the helpful marketing forums from what I’m saying, but as I say, you can find good and bad in everything.

This forum is by far one of the biggest marketing websites out there – absolutely millions and millions of people use this weekly to get ahead of the marketing game. There are so many sections of wildly different areas; when I first joined here it seriously opened my eyes to what was really out there and how they went about doing it. If anything, keeping an eye on this forum will keep you up to date on the latest scam method to part you with your hard earned cash.

I go here for the Udemy section. Like me, other tutors from Udemy shove their free coupons in here to get users for their courses and to ramp up their reviews. It’s sort of like beefing up your course to make it look attractive with students and reviews. People are far more adverse to risk than they ever have been in the past. This helps with that.

It’s also great for finding free courses on Udemy that you’re interested to learn. Just because you’re an instructor on Udemy doesn’t mean to say that you can’t sign up for and learn from other courses. There are literally thousands of free courses in here spanning the length and breadth of Udemy. Pick the courses you like and away you go! One of the helpful marketing forums with the potential to drive you the most traffic.

Don’t ask me about paying for this forum. I’d advise you to sign up, but I’ve been wanting a paid membership for this site for years, but I keep getting a blank unusable page. I think they’ve closed it. Ah well, if that’s something you’d be interested in the future – keep your eye out for it like I am.

Helpful Marketing Forums – Blackhat World

A smaller counterpart of bestblackhat forum with nowhere near as many users but I find this one less spammy and more to the point. This is my favourite all time out of all the helpful marketing forums

All the same avenues as the latter in every way, yet I feel I’m far less likely to get a virus from this website. As far as I’m aware I think bestblackhat forum had to restrict a few gateways because it began to have problems with people uploading virus infected files. I’ve never had an issue with this here, and people that try it are usually banned immediately. The community is quick to call out on that tom foolery.

It’s also one of the friendliest communities I’ve been on out of all the marketing forums. Users like to cheer other people on in their successes and help each other out. It’s very collaborative to say the least. Not to mention everyone is very quick to share their new traffic generation or money making model with the community.

I like their marketplace too – I’ve ended up buying and opting in to quite a lot of services from their community, and I’ve gained quite a bit of knowledge from those services. It may be smaller but it’s a far more caring community, or so how I feel about it.

I haven’t opted in for any of their VIP packages on the forum, because as I understand their VIP packages are based on performance and activity within the community (don’t quote me on that!) and there’s also a requirement that you remain vigilant and active on the forum – which I’m far more flaky and like to bounce in and out from time to time, so it isn’t for me. But I do hear being a VIP you get LOTS of freebies

Maybe that’s something to aspire to.

My favourite section on here is the download section. I like to call this the try before you buy place. In the world of internet marketing we’ve progressed from free trials to buy now and get your money back if you don’t like it. And whilst this is a nice fall back, I still don’t like going through the hassle it takes to get my money back. The downloads in here aren’t probably the most legal, but you’re free to try and use the plugins as you see fit.

For me I try them and if they work out – I go to their sell page and buy it. I’m all for supporting struggling creators. But I don’t want to buy something that doesn’t work or isn’t any use to me. This place solves that problem for me.

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