I’ve failed at them all as a blogging newbie

I wish I could document all the right ways to master success out of blogging, but what I’ve learned from my online life is that everyone adopts their own style to win. There’s really no right or wrong way to succeed, and the most successful people have managed to impliment their own special brand of awesome to get ahead of the crowd. I mean with everyone trying to do the same thing; today it’s about standing out from the crowd rather than blending in with it. To become a popular online influencer, talking about normal things in normal ways just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You have to set yourself apart from the rest.

But that’s not for me to tell you, that’s for you to find out yourself.

But what I CAN tell you is what I’ve failed at and what to watch out for. Success is about building on a ton of failure, and I’ve failed lots and lots! Watch out for these pitfalls when you’re starting out, because I’ve fallen into every single one of them.

I’m going to start blogging to become rich

If we’re brutally honest most of us do it for the attention. I’ve always been a bit of a public exhibitionist and love getting my work out there for thousands of people to see. I’m not one for blending in with the crowd, I’ve always wanted to stand out. If you’re starting out blogging for the money then you’ll miss out on the pivotal point of blogging. Your fans and community. You’ll be so fixated on chasing the money, spamming your audience with links and adverts that no-one will really want to read you. It’s how I started out. I was chasing the money, didn’t concentrate on creating quality content and didn’t care who read me only that they clicked on my links.

That doesn’t sound like someone that’s talking to his readers does it? Perhaps the internet in the early 2000’s was more like a hub of spammy links but since it’s become a creative free for all and at the start you need to be creating a lovely little community of readers around you. Talk to them, engage with them, bleed with them. People wont read you if all you do at the beginning is spam them with crap as I found out in the first month!

Opt in to 100 marketing programs

This is probably the most soul destroying and money sucking thing you can do with blogging. Me? I started off with all the bells and whistles, and it was costing me a fricken bomb, but actually as I became better and better at internet marketing I found out there were really only a few that I needed, if at all. So far all I use is:

  • Hootsuite: All in one scheduling program
  • Convey: Twitter marketing tool – I’ve gained over 1000 followers from them so far
  • Instamate: Fantastic Instagram marketing tool. I mean totally fantastic
  • Buffer: Scheduling program

Having all of them together would cost you about $15 per month with an added once off payment for Instamate.

Yet before I had narrowed it down to these four I was literally leaking money and it wasn’t pretty. I really suggest that’s something you work up to rather than go all out like I did. I’m certainly one for signing up to everything and then feeling stupid once I’ve spent all our money pot.

Think you can go solo. I mean you have a tonne of friends already, right?

Wrong. One thing you’ll have to do is get yourself out there and network with hundreds of people. I mean literally hundreds of people. Make yourself known to the networks out there, don’t hide away in your shell. I was one for trying to do it alone at the beginning. I didn’t think I needed anyone to create success for me, I thought it had to all come from me. In essence it did, but I had to create my own success amongst a large network of people. And you will have to do that too!

If you’re shy you’ll just have to get over it, or understand that blogging isn’t for you I’m afraid. There are a plethora of things you can do as a shy person buttalking to a massive audience isn’t one of them. But you can try; I mean usually our biggest enemies are ourselves.

But you’ll have to get out there. Think if you joined a group of 100 people, and that group each had 100 readers? That’s at least 10,000 potential readers! That’s far more than Google will pull in on the first year – google will absolutely despise you until you prove to it that you’re readable.

Think your content is better and get angry when no-one reads you

Well, you could get angry, but that wouldn’t solve anything, right? Don’t do what I did and sit there and whine for months as to why no-one was reading me because it really didn’t get me anywhere. And, as I matured as a writer I realised that my content was very basic anyway and I was just generally being one of the massive crowd of other general people trying to have their voices heard.


Learn why no-one is reading you. Google search that phrase. Connect with others and grow. Honestly, it’ll do you the world of good. Ditch complaining, it gets you nowhere.

Get sucked into get rich quick schemes

No don’t, honestly, don’t. No amount of $10 to $100K material will help you grow as a beginner. Stick with building your community and networking with honest and likeminded people like yourself

Listen to him. He speaks a lot of sense.

And finally. Like the guy above said, not treating your blog like a business

It’s a hard mindset switch but you’ll have to undergo it. Your blog is now your business. Like it or not as you grow and gain more readers and expand your network people are going to want to make deals with you to better their audience. Sometimes (or mostly) it’ll be you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, but there will be times when people will want to swap your services for cold, hard, cash. And you’ll have to act like a business person! Time to get well versed in business ettiquette! It’s not scary, though. Just be yourself and act professionally. Don’t be a dick!

My biggest failing at the start was seeing my blog as a place to throw mediocre content at and earn piles of cash right at the start. Would you do that in a business? Expect mediocre services for payment?

I think you’ve just answered your question there, friend!

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